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Get off your ass & go vote!

By E. Max Bonem, Esq.

Today, November 6th, 2012, The Bro Journey partook in a tradition as old as our nation itself. We completed one of the few consistent quadrennial tasks (others being the adjustment of one’s diet, a new found interest in some foreign sport, and the ritual purchasing of new underpants, if your name is Matt Jared) and did it with both pride and a heavy outpouring of joie de vivre (Sidenote – I once took an entire class on the French Revolution, something that I do not recommend to any senior during their last quarter/semester in college, but since then I am now incapable of looking at America’s political history without linking it to the monumental moves made by Robespierre & Danton, along with many others. Great job fellas. (Why do I feel like “Viva La Vida” should be playing all of a sudden?)).

Brobespierre himself.

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