In September 2011, Max Bonem and Matt Jared were looking for a way to increase their manliness, decrease the amount of non-hairy parts on their bodies and improve the world around them. Enter Movember. A month long mustache-growing journey for thousands of Mo Bros around the world to increase awareness and support for prostate cancer research.

Scottie Pippen's youngest son.

Scottie Pippen's youngest son...Max Bonem

Movember is a collaborative and creative way to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research by growing out mustaches during the entire month of November and making donations in hopes to one day eliminate this deadly disease. Max and Matt chronicled their every day manly adventures during their joint mustache-growing journey and challenged their friends to help this fund raising battle (cue the over-the-top 80s guitar solo & fireworks display).

Matt Jared circa 5th grade. Weird then, weird now.

Matt Jared circa 5th grade ...weird then, weird now.

Along the way, Max and Matt used this blog as a creative outlet (as they both have boring jobs now and can no longer get away with wearing flannel Snuggies for three days at time) to raise prostate cancer awareness and support for research efforts. With Movember currently out of season, Max and Matt have used The Bro Journey to raise awareness for men’s health issues, help educate others on healthy lifestyles and have an inordinate amount of fun.

When The Bro Journey began Max and Matt were just two guys looking to help others in need and have some fun. In time, The Bro Journey evolved into a fiery two-headed-man-beast with nothing in the way to stop its progress. The progression has involved guest posts from writers across the country, free beer on Tuesdays at 2:00PM, one phone number (score) and ultimately brought Max and Matt closer as they both now live together in Austin, Texas. Although the site is growing and the guys have ditched their humble beginnings the mission stays the same: help others and have fun.


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